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JWF™ The Virtuous Emperor Agate Hematite Strength Bracelet

Have the virtue of thinking big. Recognise your emperor like quality and exploit the potential in your domain. Your capability can not be undermined when you have forbearance, perseverance and, reckoning of moment. Our agate crown bracelet already makes you feel kind and supplement you with strength and stability to move without wobbling on your path.

The agate  and hematite stones  are the most reckoned healing stones for your body and used in balance and stability in life and moreover They hard slam on negativity and let you embark on your journey with free and determined  mindset.

  • 8mm Agate and Hematite stone for focus, strength and balancing
  • 10mm Copper Crown for anointing you a kind already
  • Free Shipping, Free Replacement and Mental peace With Quality