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JWF™ Thrive With Virtue 7 Chakra Tiger Eye Malachite Agate Bracelet


Designer Speaks

You are human of immense virtues and innumerable possibilities. just Rely on your wisdom & intelligence without any fuss. Let our 7 chakras wisdom bracelet incapacitate the negative, dull, distracting energies by strengthening your body's chakras.

Our 7 chakra empowered 8mm tiger eye agate pair bracelet is a true worrier to decimate the blocking and enervating energies. It brings the elevation in energy level and keeps the chakras right from bottom to top in alliance thus keeping the body in equilibrium.

The middle malachite beads is your balance representing your strength and vigour to fight off all odds and helps you evince your interest in very constructive purposes in your life. 

This bracelet is made on demand by our customers, who want to wear it giving the popularity and umpteen benefits of  wearing 7 chakras and tiger eye stones in jewellery form. Honouring the request, the bracelet is true emergence of beauty and bliss when you wear it in your pretty wrist