JWF™ Driven By Divinity 7 Chakra Cat & Tiger Eye Stone Aum Buddha Bracelet

Designer speaks

7 chakras cat eye and tiger eye stones are helping force in balancing the chakras and bringing mind, body and soul in to equilibrium

Never be disgruntled for who you are, It is not the body that distinguishes from others, it is our karmas, that makes us distinct and stand out from the huddle. Path may be riddled with potholes like troubles and hardships but our wheel of life just keeps rolling over  them to reach us to the destination of achievement and glory. Just delve deeper inside to feel the divine presence and relish the blessing of powerful aum and calmness emitting buddha bracelet

Out 8mm tiger eye beads with cats eye stones in 7 colours spruce up the stainless steel made buddha bracelet. Each colour of cat's eye stones correspond to one of chakra in our body. These chakras remain aligned, unblocked and balanced for smooth functioning of body and energy flow .