JWF™ Be Magnanimous Soul 7 Chakra Cat Eye 108 Turquoise Sriyantra Mala

7 chakra is believed to unleash the potential of human body when they are aligned, unblocked and balanced. The balanced chakras are gateway to inner bliss, spiritual harmony and self belief. While sriyantra invokes riches and abundance and bring greater influence in the life of wearer.

Designer speaks

Rejoice the spiritual awakening in the ocean of eternal calm. Let your all qualm and angst be driven away and drawn off to the far flung deserted land. The dark energy does not have any place in your life except your ambition and passion.Hoist the flag of your undisputed benevolence and shower the possibility with your charismatic appeal and mannerism.

Our 7 chakra cat eye turquoise bracelet effectually makes every eye rivet on its charm. Be the purpose of your karma today with our elegant and aesthetic sriyantra turquoise mala. Equipped with 7 chakra stones, this turquoise mala will never cease to amaze others.

  • 7mm cat eye stones for bliss, strength and energy
  • 7mm (Dyed) Turquoise for protection and harmony 
  • Adjustable rope with 108 stones
  • Sriyantra pendant with 7 chakra stones inside