JWF™ Rise With Balance 7 Chakra Aum Obsidian Bracelet

Dear Aum Believers and devotees, We present to you an immaculate and pristine magnificent 7 chakra aum bracelet for raising your balance and energy level. Each 7 chakra stone corresponds to every organs of the body right from the lower spine to the top of our head. Balanced chakra brings energy, positivity, actions and moreover accomplished decision making. 7 chakras are said to thwart the environmental attack in terms of emotional and physical both.
Designer's Note

Our bracelet is blessed with the turquoise embellished stainless steel Aum. Aum brings balance, power and calmness. It safeguards from the ennui and enemies.

Our 7 chakra energised stones are strung on the each side to the Life giver AUM with backdrop of charismatic benefit giving obsidian.

Wear it by affirming your intentions and say aloud that you are karmic and you are bound to rampage the path of obstacle with ease and no hardship can dissuade you from reaching the ledge of success

The bracelet dampens the surge of negativity and lifts the power of positivity with the help of metaphysical properties of every stone . All stone we use here are natural and energised and they are reckoned to benefit the wearer in every possible way

7 Chakra Benefits

Do You know that Our Body is governed by the 7 chakras present in the body?

These chakras are also called the centre of energy. The entire universe is made of energy so is our body. They are spinning wheels inside it.

If any of the chakras is not energised then the problem starts surfacing in the form of diseases, negativity, and depression. So energising the chakras are very important to nullify the environmental impact and to expedite the healing process of the body..

Benefits of Balanced Chakras

An excellent crystals for healing and spiritual work

It helps in transforming one's weakness in to strength

It benfits physical health and improves well being

A power cleanser of Aura and and create a shields against negative energies from penetrating mind and body.

It dispels the negaitve energies stored in the body

It insills love, harmony and peace in one's life

It Connects your mind body and, soul to know inner self and brings spiritual awakening

It allows one to be expressive emotionally and healthy mentally

Healing Obsidian Stone

Obsidian is usually dark in appearance, though the color varies depending on the presence of impurities.

Benefits of Black Obsidian Stone

An excellent crystal for healing and spiritual work

It is called psychic protection stone and gets formed from molten lava

A power cleanser of Aura and and create a shields against negative energies from penetrating mind and body.

It controls the resentment and anger level. It is said to alleviate the fear and anxiety level

It absorbs all psychic attack from environment as a result it declutter the mind from depressive thoughts

It Connects and resonates with the base or root chakra to aid you to stay grounded

Product Detail
8MM Obsidian Stones with Adjustable Rope and 30x20mm oval Size stones (It may vary as it is hand crafted on the raw stones without using machines).
The copper crown with golden plating of size 10mm