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JWF™ Spirit Lifting 7 Chakra Agate Bracelet


Balanced 7 chakras of our body help redeem stress, anxiety and tempestuous emotional trauma. These stone unblock the energies and brings the body and mind on the wheel.

Do we really care for the perfection in our life? Does not the perfection come at the colossal price, we pay to attain it, The price is our mental and physical stress and our lost hours meant for family and friend. Why do we then chase perfection, Can't we be a self pleased person of that moment and bundle up the pleasure of the treasure we have in the form of family, friend and good health. Cherish it, don't perish it.

Designer's Note

Our bracelet is blessed with the shanti mantra embellished on the middle bead.This mantra harnesses balance, power and calmness. It safeguards from the ennui, depressive thoughts and, enemies.

Our body is driven by 7 chakras present from the bottom of our spine to the head. Each chakra corresponds to the specific organs in our body. So keeping the balance of chakras is must to feel emotional and physically invigorated.

Our 7 chakra made bracelet is energised. It assists the functioning of chakras to help you bluster through the emotional set backs and depressive energies with ease. You feel strengthened and empowered with our amazing healer.

We have specifically made for unisex with middle beads etched with "SHANTI MANTRA" with 7 colours corresponding beads on the both sides with backdrop of agate stone.

7 Chakra Benefits

Do You know that Our Body is governed by the 7 chakras present in the body?

These chakras are also called the centre of energy. The entire universe is made of energy so is our body. They are spinning wheels inside it.

If any of the chakras is not energised then the problem starts surfacing in the form of diseases, negativity, and depression. So energising the chakras are very important to nullify the environmental impact and to expedite the healing process of the body..

Benefits of Balanced Chakras

An excellent crystals for healing and spiritual work

It helps in transforming one's weakness in to strength

It benfits physical health and improves well being

A power cleanser of Aura and and create a shields against negative energies from penetrating mind and body.

It dispels the negaitve energies stored in the body

It insills love, harmony and peace in one's life

It Connects your mind body and, soul to know inner self and brings spiritual awakening

It allows one to be expressive emotionally and healthy mentally

Product Detail
8MM Obsidian Stones with Adjustable Rope and 12x16 middle roller shaped stones for boys and 10x14 cylindrical shaped for girls (It may vary as it is hand crafted on the raw stones without using machines).
The copper crown with golden plating of size 10mm

If you are spiritual believer, yoga lover, meditation believer or person of karma, then it is good choice to wear.

We fancy our customers to wear it to feel the energy and strength of our eye soothing 7 chakra bracelet

Are you ready to refurbished the mental health and physical well being with our marvel?  Go and get this we also offer FREE Replacement and Free Shipping