JWF™ Exquisite Enlightenment 7 Chakra 108 Buddha Obsidian Mala

Every road leads to a specific destination, it depends that which road we chose. Muster the courage from deep inside and be in the harmony between mind and body. We always want to be an achiever but never find ourself a believer.

Today is not the day for failure or success, it is the day of bliss and awakening. Let the rain of hope patter to make you more conscientious and awakened for your path. Get on this gradually and firmly with our 7 chakra energy balancing 108 obsidian mala. The hand-carved buddha summons the peace and serenity in your life.

Designer's Note

The fabulous work of our artisan, who are from the hinterland and subsist on this hand-carving art for their livelihood. We are not using machine here and it is only their hand, which does the honour in making of it. The stones are raw in nature and are structured by hand. There can be some scratches here and there, but it does not cease their art to be loved and admired by the people like you.

Why 7 chakra Stones are so much sought after

  • Unblock the energy flow from chakras in body
  • Help bring balance, strength and vigour
  • Improves the decision making and curb the emotional trauma
  • Get rid of anxiety and alleviates the onset diseases
  • Expedites the improvement in well being
  • Shore up Emotional intelligence and wisdom

Product information

  • 6mm Black Beads for positive feeling and strength
  • 20X30mm Obsidian buddha for peace and well being
  • Lasting thread
  • Free replacement and free shipping assurance
  • Delivery: 3-6 days under standard condition