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JWF™ Attain Spiritual Balance 7 Chakra 108 Aum Tiger Eye Mala

Get on the fleet of success by unblocking the chakras with our magnificent 108 tiger eye mala

7 chakras heal our energy of body, bring concentration, elevate spiritual awakening, dissuade the negativity inside, add up more spirited mindset for strength and vigour. they bring back the our lost rhythm in action. 

Designer's Note

You don't need to gawk at it. It is your possession to wear. Our 7 chakra 108 beaded tiger eye mala is wanting to be a company of sparkling and gleaming elegance with your every attire. The 7 colours represent the universe with each colour associated with our solar system. The universe has reckoned as as human and we reckon ourselves as servant to mankind. Just guide yourself with mite positivity and then see the things falling in place for you. Just believe and do the things.