JWF™ No Stopping 108 Tree Of Life Tiger Eye Mala Bracelet

Designer's desk

When your optimism is fused with tremendous inflow of calmness, You will be smoothly vaulting over the gate of hurdle. Just not get the reason to stay ahead in race but give the reason to win many more races with your renewed energy and perseverance. A subtle change in thinking process mars or makes the possibility in every step of the life. Therefore start with leaping strides to win the marathon of your affirmation and hope to bring transformation with this 108 tree of life tiger eye mala of courage, optimism and vigour.

Our 6mm beaded mala with 108 stones of positivity, affirmation and energy makes a perfect fit as mala and bracelet both. Made with strong and lasting adjustable rope, you can wear it with your ensemble of choice. It will certainly let the envy from others reek off.