JWF™ "Courage & Strength Bestower" Mighty Tiger's Eye Buddha Healing Bracelet Mala

The true wisdom is self knowing

From Designer's Desk

The real treasure of life is our unfettered mind, When the keyboard of noise and confusion in our mind keeps clacking with various emotional setback and unseen fear of failure. The dissonance takes the functioning of mind awry then how will one deal with it?

The only way to come out of the situation is to strengthen the mind to ward off all enervating thoughts and fears with conscious effort and steadfast will

Here is our mind soothing  majestic 108 tiger eye mala bracelet, which plays a role of cleanser and healer both and its boosts your courage and confidence in a time when you need it.

Our tiger eye stoned mala bracelet helps replenish the mind with healing energy. it deflects the bad energy from your life. You can wear this as bracelet in three fold or as a mala at a time

The divine number 108 is prominent in our prayers and belief. So rely on this number and chant your affirmation 108 times in a day to keep your self conscious and in the happening 

The 6mm yellow and green beads are used in consonance with stainless steel metal to separate the blue tiger eye beads at regular interval to unravel the beauty of this divine mala bracelet. Moreover you can adjust it with the sliding knot up and down below buddha.

    We offer Free hassle free replacement if you get the damaged product. So get this 108 mala bracelet to unleash the potential of your mind today