"Mind Body and Soul aligning" Premium 108 Mookaite Mala Bracelet

Designer Note

Sail through the challenging time with ease. It sounds easy. Yes, this is possible with our empty mind and unshackled body, which should be free from bitterness and agonizing emotion. A hollowness is what we need to fill rather than having a crap and embittered mind, which can not be further filled with any calmness or positivity.

Just empty the mind from negativity and envy to pour again the grain of confidence, positivity, and happiness with aligned body and soul. Our mind, body, and soul together act as a propeller to steer us ahead When they are in sync

Wear our 108 Mookaite Mala Bracelet for bringing that thought of synchronization. The mookaite stone often known as Australian jasper is wreathed in strong rope with 4m and 6mm beads to bring out the beauty to the fore. 

The variety of colors in Mookaite make it a beautiful bracelet mala. Each color in mookaite influences the chakra system of the body. Mookaite is also considered a strong anti-aging agent due to its healing properties.

Isn't it a double pleasure of having it as a bracelet and mala both with embodied 108 powerful beads of positivity and calmness? Wear this to showcase your powerful aura and tuned mind and body