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JWF™ Spiritually Empowered 108 Aum Tiger Eye Pendant 7 Chakra Rudraksha Mala

An empowered human is always a on go with ceaseless energy and bountiful positivity. Self convincing is more important than being convinced. Recognise your's divine soul to find the purpose and intention to be blissful and oriented with our 108 rudraksha mala. The 7 chakra stones in action here propagate the flow of energy from the lower spine to the top of the head.

Designer's Note

Dear divine soul, This energised auspicious mala is made with intention to benefit the wearer, one who manifests one's intention with alacrity, is definitely going to benefit. The changes in thinking is not a one time process, it is the process with practice and affirmation.

The 8mm stones of rudraksha are wreathed in fine and strong thread with successive 7 chakras stones, that represent the entire energy system of human. These stones are said to unblock the energy and facilitates the advent of inner bliss and divine intervention in the life.

Would not you want to wear this mala of peace and empowerment today? We have put our best effort to create a product of divinity and spirituality.

One Should Wear this mala

To deepen the divine belief
To enhance the spiritual bliss through meditation
To decimate the negativity and ennui
To elevate the energy level for better well being
To get the strong decision making power with tiger eye stone