JWF™ Opportunity Giver Divine 108 Aum Aventurine Mala

Designer's Note

Change is the law of nature and we always enter in to new phase of life every moment and chase our dream with shine in eyes and vigour in action. Every moment digs in to opportunity and only thing we need is to peel our eyes in to reckoning and grabbing it.

Awake your wisdom to translate your opportunity in to success and take up the gauntlet from the life and scamper to the milestone of your success. Our aventurine mala  auspiciously culminates you in pinnacle of confidence so that you can charge your action to seek the blessing in disguise glory and success

Aventurine stone is called the stone of opportunity and luck and it is known to work in manifesting one's intention for wealth, abundance and prosperity.

  • 6mm Aventurine Stones strung in the backdrop of 50x50mm Aum Aventurine Pendant
  • Free Replacement and Free Delivery