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"Believe in Self Worth" 108 Hand Carved Aum Lapis Lazuli Agate Mala & Peace Bracelet

lapis lazuli is said to internalise the person with strength and fearlessness, magnificence and wisdom, intellect and truth.

Designer Note

Thats right, You are getting mala and bracelet together.

The Beautiful Hand-carving Of Aum On Lapis Lazuli Stone With Natural 108 6mm Agate Beaded Mala & 8mm lava beaded Buddha bracelet is what every will swoon over. The splendid natural lapis lazuli is the stone of strength and wisdom. It is often called to embolden one's confidence and the joviality.

Stay Natural with Nature born healing stones

It was long due from us to you this marvel and powerful healer in 108 mala form. We are also giving you one lava beaded bracelet with buddha as peace finder for you.

108 Aum Mala and buddha braceletwill find you a hidden glory and peace with their blessing, provided there is purity in thoughts and self belief in every action you take.

Though it is hand-carved stone, therefore there can be some minor scratches, eventually this is hard work of our artisan, who subsist on this art and we are committed to help them grow and nurture this stone carving art.

Wear this exquisite mala and bracelet with your dress and carry your positivity quotient to next level, so that people observe you and complement you. Isn't it so exciting?

What are you waiting for? Just order yours today this beautiful limited edition mala strung in natural healing stones.