JWF™ Hope & Compassion 108 Amazonite Buddha Mala

Amazonite stones soothe and cleanses heart and throat chakra and tromps on the feet of fraying emotions and undulating negative thoughts. 

Designer speaks

Dazzling with brilliance and awash with hues of see blue, green and light grey, the amazonite stone is said to be the "stone of hope". It enthuses heart, body, and soul. It restores the inner balance with its iridescent colours and fills one with 'can do" attitude to help to attain what one wants. The azure stone engulfs the monster like despondence and removes the blues of negativity stung mind and self-neglect.

The 6mm stones made 108 amazonite mala with buddha is indomitably a mala of spirited mind, ferocious will, loving communication and eloquence. It works on bringing and streaming the love and compassion owing to heart chakra association