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JWF™ Meru Sri Yantra For Happy Living, Good Luck & Well Being

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The Meru Chakra is the most healing tool of Vedic sacred geometry for abundance. It brings wealth on all levels: spiritual, financial, success, career, health, fame, protection.

An ideal Sri Vidya devotional tool. In the north, it enhances financial flow and good fortune and balances a closed north with no windows or doors. Place in the northeast to improve all aspects of life and create harmony.

The Shri Meru Chakra is a radiant, energetic blessing that increases the flow of vibrant health and prosperity.  It energises and balances all acupuncture meridians in the body

People have witnessed great benefits out of this marvellous Yantra.

It is especially useful for correcting infractions of the natural laws of energy flow known as Vastu defects. Meru Shree Yantra is the most important energetic tool of Vastu and has a powerful overall positive influence on the living or working space

This Meru Yantra studded with powerful and potent Rudraksha helps from any financial setback and health problem.

This fills the place with an abundance of positive energy and purifies the ambience by radiating the strong healing energy.

This powerful and auspicious yantra contains the benefits and power similar to Shri Yantra. Meru Yantra has an answer to all.

It works as a strong medium to remove all obstacles and pave way for a happy, healthier and wealthier life. It is mainly worshipped for prosperity.

The names come from the name of the Mountain Meru. This is a sacred mountain that is spiritually known to be the centre of all spiritual and physical universes according to Indian Mythology. The same spirituality and powers the yantra radiates when the possessor worships the same with a pure heart and mind.

The design components of the Meru Yantra are as follows:

  • Bindu – Point
  • Trikona – Tringle
  • Ashtakona, Samghar Chakra – destroying wheel
  • Sthithi Chakra – Preserving wheel
  • Chaturdahkona, Ashtdal Kamal – Group of Eight Lotus
  • Shodash dal Kamal – Group of 16 Lotus
  • Teen Vrit – Three Circles
  • Bhupur – First Square
  • Sampoorna Srishti Chakra – whole system of the universe and surrounded by
  • Four Gates to Ridhi-Sidhi – prosperity and fame

What does it Contain?

Rudraksha: The Eye of Rudra is used by Yogis of Himalaya to maintain their health and tranquillity of mind. Rudraksha beads help gain the self-confidence and embodiment of fearlessness from the physical attack and evil hindrances.

100% Natural and Pure | Cash On Delivery Available

The various esteemed research institute has conducted research on rudraksha that it can cure and heals the body is true. The Panchmukhi Rudhraksh helps revitalise concentration and sharpens the memory.

Orgonite Stone: What an orgone is by definition is another name for our life force energy known as chi, prana or ether. Orgone pyramids are powerful and in beautiful forms known for their ability to convert negative energy into positive energy, balancing the spiritual, emotional and physical body. Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, healing crystals and quartz that balances and harmonizes our bio-energy.

  • Neutralize EMF radiation
  • Clear negative energy and Brings focus
  • Aid in meditation
  • Support restful sleep
  • Enhance lucid dreaming
  • Relieve stress
  • Purify the atmosphere
  • Detoxify water
  • Improve plant growth


Pearl is synonymous with peace and many astrologers recommend to wear this to alleviate the anger and subside anxiety. 

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 What it is made of?

It is made from Orgonite (a healing stone) and Rudraksha beads, Pearl with Meru Yantra over it.

Ideal Distance should be 6-10 Feet from the keeper in office and job for a better effect.

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